Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your paintings oil, acrylic, watercolour or other?

I occasionally use water colours and oils. Most of my works are acrylics.

If I commission you to paint a piece, how long does it take to dry and be ready for collection?

Acrylic paintings dry very quickly so it can be ready in ab out 2 days after completion. However, you need to consider whether you want it framed or not, and whether I or you will finish the framing.

Are your pieces all originals or can we buy prints – and if so how much cheaper are they?

All my pieces are originals. I chose not to produce prints as I want my clients’ pieces to be special and originals.

How much is a down payment and can I pay in installments?

On commissioning a piece, I take 35% of the price up front. I can allow the balance to be made on collection of the finished piece.

Are your paintings sealed or is this something I should take care of?

Most of my art pieces are acrylic. They are sealed with a varnish. Acrylics are easy to maintain with a dust cloth or moist towel.

Is there any maintenance I should do to keep the painting in prime condition?

Acrylic pieces are quite resilient. A light wipe over with a damp cloth or sponge is all that should be required. Try not to have the painting in strong direct sunlight for long periods.

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